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Poonia4India : Computer Quiz based on Previous papers of FCI 2015

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1. An RS-232 interface is :

(a) A parallel interface
(b) A serial interface
(c) Printer interface
(d) A modem interface

2. 8085 microprocessor has____________registers to hold data :
(a) 8 bit
(b) 32 bit
(c) 16 bit
(d) None of these

3. For 1MB memory to number of address lines required
(a) 11
(b) 16
(c) 22
(d) None of these

4. To move to the bottom of document you press
(a) Ctrl + end ky
(b) Ctrl + Home key
(c) Home key
(d) End key

5. Name the fourth layer of OSI model :
(a) Application layer
(b) Data link layer
(c) Transport layer
(d) Session layer

6. The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in term of kilobytes or megabytes. A bytes is made up of :
(a) Eight decimal digits
(b) Eight binary digits
(c) Two binary digits
(d) Two decimal digits

7. In a work sheet in MS. Excel, what is the shortcut key to hide entire row?
(a) ctrl + 2
(b) ctrl + 9
(c) ctrl + N
(d) ctrl + R

8. ‘IC chips’ for computer are usually made of
(a) chromium
(b) silicon
(c) lead
(d) copper

9. What is the control unit's function in the CPU :
(a) to transfer data to primary storage
(b) to store program instruction.
(c) to perform logic operation
(d) to decode program instructions

10. An ISP :
(a) provides access to the internet
(b) is a CPU register
(c) Is a CPU functional unit.
(d) make of processor

11. FTP is :
(a) Used to send email.
(b) Used to browse the web.
(c) is part of netscape.
(d) is a protocol for the transfer for files between computers

12. A GUI is
(a) Hardware
(b) Language interpreter
(c) software interface.
(d) an operating systems 

Answer Key
12. (c)
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