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Poonia4India : Geography Quiz For FCI And CHSL Exam

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1.The Magnitude of Earthquake is measured on the –

(1) Barometer
(2) Anemometer
(3) Kelvin meter
(4) Richter scale
2.Dome mountain are the result of –
(1) Instrusion of magma
(2) Folding
(3) Frictions at the joints of the rocks
(4) Faulting

3.Creators or calderas are –
(1) Rift valley
(2) Hollows created by removed of volcanic cones
(3) Sink holes
(4) Pot holes

4.A volcanic eruption is most likely to be violent cones
(1) The volcano is near to the sea
(2) The neck of the volcano is sealed by a plug
(3) The lava is viscous
(4) The lova reaches the surface through a fissure

5.Which of the following features is not an aspect of vulucanicity?
(1) Geyser
(2) Batholith
(3) Dyke
(4) Fold

6.Which of the following statements best describes the usefulness of volancity?
(1)  A violent volcanic eruption represents the release of an enormous amount of energy
(2) The high density of population in parts of java is dependent an on agriiculture
(3) Some volcanoes are dormant
(4) Fissure eruption are usually non- violent

7.Which of the following feautres is the produc t of vulanicity?
(1) Geosyncline
(2) Escarpment
(3) Atoll
(4) Fold mountain

8.The earthquake at Sagami bay in Japan which killed two and a half lakh people was an example of 
(1) Tectonic earthquake
(2) Plutonic earthquake
(3) Main- induced evarthquake
(4) Isostatic earthquake

9.The lines joining the place of equal intensity of seismic waves are known as :
(1) Seisimice line
(2) Isoseisimic line
(3) Isogonal line
(4) Isogonic line

10.Which is not a causative factor of earthquake?
(1) Volcanoes 
(2) Isostacy
(3) Tectonics
(4) Waves

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