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Poonia4India : GK Quiz For FCI And CHSL Exam 2015

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1.Increasing investment in human capital leads towards

(A).Proper utilization of resources
(B).Increase in productivity
(C).Development of skill
(D).All of the above

2.Which among the following has been selected as the cultural capital of SAARC region for 2015?
(A).Lumbini (Nepal)
(B).Bamiyan (Afghanistan)
(C).Sarnath (India)
(D).Dhaka (Bangladesh)

3.Which one of the following refers to occupational structure of population?
(A).Number of persons living in the country
(B).Size of working population.
(C).Distribution of working population among different occupations.
(D).Nature of different occupations.

4.Green Revolution was the result of adoption of New Agricultural Strategy which was introduced in 20th Century during decades of

5.Which one of the following is the major feature of the Indian economy?
(A).A capitalist economy
(B).A socialist economy
(C).A mixed economy
(D).None of the above

6.National Rural Drinking Water Programme is one of the components of 
(A).Social Protection Program
(B).Bharat Nirman
(C).Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar  Yojana
(D).Poverty Alleviation Programmes

7.Which one of the following types of mirror is used to see traffic behind the car?
(A).Convex mirror .
(B).Concave mirror
(C).Plane mirror .
(D).Spherical mirror

8.Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
(A).Sulphur dioxide – Teeth
(B).Fluoride pollution – Bhopal gas tragedy
(C).Methyl Isocyanate – Acid rain
(D).Ozone depletion – Skin cancer

9.Full form of C.F.L. is
(A).Compact Fluorescent Lamp
(B).Centrally Fixed Lamp
(C).Chemical Fluorescent Lamp
(D).Condensed Fluorescent Lamp

10.Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for 
(A).Theory of relativity
(B).Brownian motion
(C).Photo-electric effect
(D).Specific heat of solids

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