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Poonia4India : Important General Awareness 200 Questions and Answer For FCI/SSC 2015

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1)    .  Which of the following State does not have Legislative council?
a)        Andhra Pradesh
b)        Bihar
c)        Uttar Pradesh
d)        Madhya Pradesh
2)    .  The Latest addition in fundamental duties under Article-51A of the constitution of India is:
a)        Protecting and safeguarding natural environment
b)        Safeguarding public property
c)        Providing opportunities for the education to the child or ward between the age of six and fourteen years    

d)        Defending the country and rendering national service when called upon
3)    .  As per the Constitution of India, the state Legislature shall consist of _______.
a)        Governor, Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly    
b)        Governor, Legislative Assembly where there is no Legislative Council
c)        Chief Minister, Governor, Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly
d)        Either A and B
4)    .  If for a period of ________ a member of either house of the parliament is without the permission of the house absent from all meetings therefore, the house may declare his/her seat vacant.
a)        30 days   
b)        15 days
c)        8 days
d)        23 days
5)    .  The historic 100th Mission launched successfully by ISRO on September 9, 2012 was ___________.
a)        PSLV-C21  
b)        PSLV-C19
c)        PSLV-C20
d)        PSLV-C18
6)    .  Which amidst the following was not a fort of the Maratha Ruler Shivaji?
a)        Sindhudurg
b)        Padamagurg
c)        Raigad
d)        None of these
7)    .  Name the India’s main battle tank, developed by D.R.D.O.
a)        Akash   
b)        Nag
c)        Arjun
d)        Shalki
8)    .  Which of the following refers to trade bloc the littoral state of the Pacific Ocean?
a)        ASEAN
b)        APEC
c)        NAFTA
d)        SAPTA
9)    .  Who was the founder of VIjainagarempire?
a)        Krishna Deva Raya
b)        Devoraya-I
c)        Harihar and BUkka
d)        Ram Raya
10)    .  Who among the following introduced the Vernacular press Act?
a)        Lord Lytton
b)        Lord Rippon
c)        Lord Curzon
d)        Lord Hastings
Important General Awareness Questions and Answer
11)    .  The conductor of electricity is ___________.
a)        Copper
b)        Graphite
c)        Aluminium
d)        Silver
12)    .  The first law university in india is situated at __________.
a)        Delhi
b)        Mumbai
c)        Kolkata   
d)        Chennai   

13)    .  The first misic artist who was awarded ‘BharathRatna’ is _________.
a)        T.K.     Pattammal    
b)        M.     S.     Subbulaxmi
c)        Ilaya Raja
d)        A.     R.     Rahman
14)    .  The Global Nuclear Security Summit was held on March 27,2012 in __________.
a)        France    
b)        Japan
c)        Bolivia
d)        Seoul (South Korea)   
15)    .  The most intelligent animal is __________.
a)        Elephant   
b)        Monkey
c)        Chimpanzee
d)        Dog
16)    .  When ice melts It’s volume ___________.
a)        Increase
b)        Decrease
c)        Remains the same
d)        First decrease then Increase

17)    .  Three Primary colours of light are __________.
a)        Red, Green, Blue   
b)        Red, Yellow, Green
c)        Red, Yellow, Blue
d)        Green, Blue, Yellow
18)    .  Red Clood Cells (RBC)     are formed in __________.
a)        Muscles
b)        Veins
c)        Bone Marrow
d)        Heart
19)    .  The Asian games (2014)     was held in __________.
a)        Tokyo
b)        Incheon
c)        Colombo   
d)        Bangkok
20)    .  Telephone was invented by __________.
a)        Alfred Nobel
b)        Graham Bell
c)        W.     Shockely
d)        Samuel Morso
Important General Awareness Questions and Answer-

21)    .  Ten Degree Channel is situated between:
a)        North and South Andaman
b)        Middle and South Andaman
c)        Little Andaman and Nicobar Islands
d)        India and Sri Lanka

22)    .  The equator does not pass through which of the following countires:
a)        Kenya
b)        Mexico
c)        Indonesia
d)        Brazil  
23)    .  Earth is made up of more than 100 different elements.     Arrange the following four important elements in order of their importance (High to Low)     which constitute in the composition of Earth:
a)        Oxygen, Aluminium, Silicon, Iron   
b)        Oxygen, Silicon, Iron, Aluminium
c)        Oxygen, Iron, Aluminium, Silicon
d)        Oxygen, Silicon,  Aluminium, Iron
24)    .  The highest India gallantry award was
a)        ParamVir Chakra   
b)        MahaVir Chakra
c)        Vir Chakra
d)        Ashok Chakra
25)    .  Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group, which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a)        North America  
b)        Argentina
c)        Africa
d)        Australia
26)    .  Which day is observed as world literacy day?
a)        8, November
b)        8, January
c)        5, September
d)        8, September
27)    .  Brass contains:
a)        70% copper and 30% zinc  
b)        90% copper and 10% tin
c)        85-92% copper and rest tin with little lead and nickel
d)        70-75% copper and rest tin
28)    .  The atomic number of carbon is 12.     it means that carbon atom contains:
a)        6 protons and 6 electrons
b)        12 neutrons
c)        12 electrons
d)        12 protons and 12 electrons
29)    .  On July 17, 1994, Cornet Shoe maker Levy-9 collided with
a)        Neptune
b)        Venus
c)        Earth  
d)        Jupiter
30)    .  Walvis Bay is
a)        The only deep water harbour along Namibia’s coast
b)        A  Russian passenger jet
c)        The ruins of a city near Mexico gulf
d)        A  city in the state of California
Important GK Questions from Science (Biology)     for SSC/FCI

31)    .  MMR refers to ___________.
a)        Mumps, Measles; Rubella
b)        Rubella, Measles, Mumps
c)        Meningitis, Malaria, Rabies
d)        Malaria, Marasmus, Rubella

32)    .  Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)     is a dreadful Disease transmitted through ___________.
a)        Playing along with others
b)        Sharing food
c)        Sexual Contact    
d)        Fomites   
33)    .  Unipolar neurons are found in _________.
a)        Brian    
b)        Spinal
c)        Embryonic nervosa tissue
d)        Adult nervous tissue
34)    .  The sensory organs contain _________.
a)        Unipolar neuron   
b)        Bipolar neuron
c)        Multipolar neuron
d)        Medullated neuron
35)    .  The part of brain which controls emotional reactions in our body __________.
a)        Cerebellum   
b)        Cerebrum
c)        Thalamus
d)        Hypothalamus
36)    .  One of the following is the part of the brain stem.     Pick out
a)        Forebrain and mid brain
b)        Mid brain and hind brain
c)        Forebrain and hind brain
d)        Forebrain and spinal cord
37)    .  Spinal nerves are __________.
a)        Sensory nerves   
b)        Motor nerves
c)        Mixed nerves
d)        Innervating the brain
38)    .  An endocrine gland found in neck is _________.
a)        Adrenal gland
b)        Pituitary gland
c)        Thyroid gland
d)        Pancreas
39)    .  An endocrine gland which is both exocrine and endocrine is ________.
a)        Pancreas
b)        Adrenal
c)        Pituitary    
d)        Thyroid
40)    .  Normal blood glucose level in 100 ml of blood is __________.
a)        80-120 mg
b)        80-130 mg
c)        80 -140 mg
d)        90 -130 mg  
Important GK Questions from Geography for SSC/FCI

41)    .  Plants formed due to the filling up of lakes are called
a)        flood plains
b)        till plains
c)        lacustrine plains
d)        delta plain
42)    .  Isochrones are lines joining places with equal
a)        longitude
b)        rainfall
c)        frost   
d)        travelling time from a point  
43)    .  The layers in soil are referred as
a)        horizons   
b)        pedocals
c)        profile
d)        hardpans
44)    .  Most of the people of the middle-east belong to the following group of people
a)        Negro  
b)        Nordic
c)        Alpine
d)        Mediterranean
45)    .  Plateaus situated in between plains and mountains are called
a)        Intermontane plateaus
b)        Piedmont  plateaus
c)        Peninsular  plateaus
d)        Continental plateaus
46)    .  As one moves from the equator to the poles along a meridian
a)        The variety of animals increases and of plants decreases
b)        The variety of plants increases and of animals decreases
c)        The variety of plants and of animals decreases
d)        The variety of plants and of animals increases
47)    .  Metamorphic rocks originate from
a)        Igneous  rocks  
b)        Sedimentary rocks
c)        Both igneous and sedimentary rocks
d)        None of these
48)    .  The best way to define rock types will be
a)        Igneous-Sedimentary-Metamorphic
b)        Igneous-Carborate-Metamorphic
c)        Igneous-Metamorphic-Marble
d)        Sedimentary-Igneous-Limestone
49)    .  The pedogenicregims is associated with hot dry climates is
a)        laterisation
b)        gleisation
c)        salinisation
d)        podzolisation
50)    .  When a ship crosses Date line from west to east
a)        It loses one day
b)        It gains one day
c)        It loses half-a-day
d)        It gains half-a-day
Important GK Question from Economics and Commerce for SSC CHSL/FCI

51)    .  The major finance for small scale industries is_______.
a)        Shares and debentures
b)        Bank loans
c)        Public deposits
d)        Foreign aid
52)     .In the union budget 2013-14, Rs.1,000crores has been allocated for funding women empowerment and safety the name of the fund is called_______.
a)        Abhaya fund
b)        Nirbhaya fund   
c)        Sowbagya fund
d)        Sumangali fund

53)    .  IDBI is a___________.
a)        Bank   
b)        Bureau
c)        Board
d)        Corporation
54)    .  IFCI is the name of a__________.
a)        Fertilizer company   
b)        Federation of commerce and industry
c)        Financial institution
d)        Both (A)     and (C)   
55)    .  The new name for IRCI is_________.
a)        IDBI  
b)        IRBI
c)        ICICI
d)        IFCI
56)    .  Fiscal policy is connected with_____________.
a)        Exports and imports
b)        Public revenue and expenditure
c)        Issue of currency
d)        Population control
57)    .  In India, present trend of rapid urbanization is due to_______.
a)        Influence of cinema and electronic media
b)        Breakup of joint family system
c)        Abolition of zamindari system
d)        Lack of employment opportunities in rural areas
58)    .  What is the minimum permissible age for employment in any factory or mine?
a)        Twelve years
b)        Fourteen years
c)        Sixteen years  
d)        Eighteen years
59)    .  Credit creation increases
a)        Real national income
b)        Supply of money
c)         Real wealth of the community  
d)        Purchasing power of the currency
60)    .  The philosophy of Laissez-faire is associated with_______.
a)        Welfare state
b)        Socialist state
c)        Gandhian state
d)        Industrial state
Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity SSC CHSL/FCI

61)    .  Which one of the following is NOT appointed by the Governor?
a)        The Chief Minister
b)        Advocate General
c)        Member of state Public Service Commission
d)        Judges of the High Court
62)    .  Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?
a)        First Schedule---List of State and Union Territories of Union
b)        Second Schedule—Functions and powers of Election Commission
c)        Seventh Schedule—Division of powers between the Union and the States
d)        Tenth Schedule—Anti defection Law
63)    .  The Planning Commission was established by __________.
a)        An act of Parliament
b)        An Ordinance issued by the President
c)        A resolution of Union Council of Ministers
d)        The provisions of the  Constitution
64)    .  The objective of Audit is to examine and monitor the expenditure made by________.
a)         The Executive
b)        The Legislature
c)        The Judiciary
d)        All the above
65)    .  Which one of the following was NOT included in the Fundamental Rights as given in the Constitution of 1950?
a)        Right to property
b)        Right to freedom of speech
c)        Right to education
d)        Right  against exploitation
66)    .  How many subjects have been included in the 11th Schedule of Constitution, under the jurisdiction of Panchayati Raj institution?
a)        19
b)        29
c)        39
d)        49
67)    .  If offices of both the President and the Vice-President become vacant at any time, who will discharge the functions of the President?
a)        The Speaker of the LokSabha  
b)        The Chief Election Commissioner
c)        Prime Minster
d)        Chief Justice of India
68)    .  Who was elected to the office of President as an independent candidate?
a)        Dr.     Rajendra Prasad
b)        V.V.     Giri
c)        Sanjeeva Reddy
d)        Dr.     ZakirHussain

69)    .  Who won the election of President as an unopposed candidate?
a)        Dr.Rajendra Prasad
b)        V.V.Giri
c)        Sanjeeva Reddy
d)        Dr.ZakirHussain
70)    .  The Ministers are individually responsible to _________.
a)        President
b)        LokSabha
c)        Prime Minister
d)        House of which they are members
Important GK Questions from Science (Physics)     for SSC/FCI
71)    .  Radio waves have
a)        Short wavelength
b)        High frequency
c)        Short wavelength and High frequency
d)        Long wavelength and High frequency
72)    .  A permanent magnet is made up of which type of substance
a)        Ferromagnetic
b)        Diamagnetic
c)         Anti-Ferromagnetic  
d)         All the three
73)    .  The sky is blue in color because of
a)        The moisture present in the air   
b)        The scattering of light by dust particles  of air molecules
c)        Combination of various lights producing blue color
d)        All of these
74)    .  Light emerging from a nicol prism has
                 a)      Vibrations in all directions
                 b)      No vibrations at all
                c)     Vibrations in two mutually perpendicular directions
                 d)      Vibrations in only one direction
75)    .  Sound waves in air are
a)        transverse waves  
b)        longitudinal waves
c)        many be both types
d)        none of these
76)    .  The unit of refractive index is
a)        meter
b)        degree
c)        no unit
d)        second
77)    .  The density of pure water will be
               a)     Maximum at 4
               b)     Minimum at 4C
               c)     Maximum at 0C
               d)     Minimum at 0C
78)    .  Which of the following is an insulator?

a)        aluminum
b)        copper
c)        glass
d)        silver
79)    .  Penetrating power is greater in the case of
a)        α-ray
b)        β-ray
c)        Ƴ-ray
d)        X-ray
80)    .  A radar which detects the presence of the enemy aircraft uses
a)        Sound waves
b)        Radio waves
c)        Electric wave
d)        Ultrasonic wave
Important GK Questions from Indian History for SSC/FCI
81)    .  At the time of Bindusara’s death, Ashoka was stationed as viceroy at
a)        Ujjain
b)        Texila
c)        Dhauli
d)        Girnar
82)    .  Ashoka completely banned the slaughter of
a)        Cows
b)        Goats
c)        Deers  
d)        All the above
83)    .  An India animal which earned the highest admiration of every Greek writer on Mauryan India is
a)        Musk Deer
b)        Rhinoceros
c)        Elephant
d)        Goat
84)    .  Which of the following statement is incorrect?
a)        Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara
b)        Kautilya was Chandragupta’s mentor and guide
c)        Chandragupta died in South India
d)        Chandragupta was known to the Greeks as ‘Amitrochates’
85)    .  Who among the following was the Greek ambassador of Antiochus I of Syria sent to the court of Bindusara?
a)        Antigonus
b)        Deimachos
c)        Diodorus
d)        Megasthenes
86)    .  Put in the chronological order
                  .Sisunaga dynasty
                  .Alexander’s invasion
                 .Kalinga war
                 .Megasthenes visit to India
      Select the correct answer
a)        , ,,
b)        , ,,
c)        , , ,
d)        , , ,
87)    .  Charumathi, one of the daughter’s of emperor Ashoka married a kshatriya of  Nepal  named
a)        Anandapala  
b)        Suryapala
c)        Devapala
d)        Mahipala
88)    .  According to kalhana’s  Rajatarangini , Ashoka’s  favourite deity was
a)        Buddha
b)        Vishnu
c)        Krishna
d)        Lord Shiva
89)    .  In which regnalyear of Ashoka’s reign did the kalinga war take place?
a)        Second
b)        Fourth
c)        Sixth
d)        Eighth
90)    .  Which Mauryan King in his old age abdicated the throne and went to the South India?
a)        Chanragupta  Maurya
b)        Bindusara
c)        Ashoka
d)        Dasaratha
Important GK Questions from Science (Chemistry)     for SSC/FCI
91)    .  The special property of carbon is___________.
a)        reducing
b)        oxidising
c)        catenation
d)        combustion
92)    .  The arrangement of atoms in diamond is ___________.
a)        hexagonal
b)        Tetrahedral
c)        Octahedral
d)        Square planar  
93)    .  In graphite each carbon atom is bonded with­­­­________carbon atoms.
a)        4   
b)        5
c)        6
d)        3
94)    .  The allotropic forms of carbon__________.
a)        coal   
b)        graphite
c)        diamond
d)        all the three
95)    .  A good conductor among the allotropes of carbon is_________.
a)        coal
b)        graphite
c)        diamond
d)        lignite
96)    .  Each lattice of graphite is associated with ________.
a)        ionic  bond
b)        electrostatic force
c)        covalent bond
d)        vanderwaal’s force
97)    .  compounds having the same molecular formula but different structural formula for ________.
a)        isotopes  
b)        isobars
c)        isotones
d)        isomers
98)    .  Alcohol exhibits functional isomerism with __________.
a)        Aldehydes
b)        Ketones
c)        Ethers
d)        Alkanes
99)    .  Organic compounds possess low boiling and melting points due to _________.
a)        Ionic nature
b)        Covalent nature
c)        Non polar nature     
d)        Polar nature
100)    .  On reducing ethylene with H₂ / Ni, forms___________.
a)        ethyne
b)        ethane
c)        ethylene glycol
d)        ethylidine chloride
Important GK Questions from Science (Biology)     for SSC/FCI
101)    .  The “T” Iymphocytesarediffererntiated to resist infection in_________.
a)        Parathyroid gland
b)        Lymph gland
c)        Thymus gland
d)        Adrenal gland
102)    .  In Meiosis-I, pairing of homologous chromosomes take place during ________ stage.
a)        leptotene
b)        zygotene
c)        pachytene  
d)         diplotene
103)    .  Consider the following statements
I.     Alpha cells produce insulin and beta cells produce glucagon.       
II.     Cortisone suppresses the immune response.
III.     Thymus gland is a lymphoid mass.
 IV.     Ovary produces eggs and androgen
Select the correct answer.
a)        I&II are  correct
b)        II&III are correct
c)        I&IV  are wrong
d)        II&III  are  wrong
104)    .  Pick out the item which has sequential arrangements
a)        Zygotene → Lleptotene→Pachytene→Diplotene→Diakinesis       
b)        Diakinesis→Zygotene→Leptotene→Pachytene→Diplotene
c)        Leptotene→Zygotene→Pachytene→Diplotene→Diakinesis
d)        Leptotene→Diakinesis→ Zygotene→Diplotene→ Pachytene
105)    .       ________ of nerve cells make up our brain.
a)        Millions  
b)        Crores
c)        Billions
d)        Lakhs
106)    .  Cell body of neuron contains cytoplasm with typical cell organelles and certain granular bodies called_________.
a)        Sissi  granules
b)        Nissle’s  granules
c)        Thisl  granules
d)        Chisel granules
107)    .       _________ transmit electrical impulses towards the cyton.
a)        Axon  
b)        Cyton
c)        Dendrites
d)        Hormones
108)    .  Schwann cells are found over the __________.
a)        Sheath
b)        Fat sheath
c)        Myelin sheath
d)        Dendron
109)    .  The embryonic nervous tissue contains_________.
a)        Bipolar neurons
b)        Multipolar neuronss
c)        Unipolar neurons
d)        Tripolar neurons  
110)    .  Grey neurons are_____________.
a)        medullated
b)        myelinated
c)        non-medullated
d)        irregular in shape
Important GK Questions from Geography for SSC/FCI
111)    .  With what type of climate is the pedogenic regime of podzolisation associated?
a)        Hot and dry
b)        equatorial
c)        cool and dry
d)        humid temperature
112)    .  Isohels are the Isopleths of
a)        rain
b)        clouds  
c)        flowering time
d)        sunshine
113)     To which group does the black soil of India belong?  
a)        laterite   
b)        podzol
c)        chernozem
d)        alluvial

114)    .  Isobaths are used to show
a)        pressure   
b)        depth
c)        rainfall
d)        time
115)    .  Isonif lines are the Isopleths of
a)        Snowfall  
b)        rainfall
c)        Sunshine
d)        frost
116)    .  One of the groups of people inhabiting the Asiatic tundra is the
a)        Pygmy
b)        Guacho
c)        Samoyed
d)        Vedda
117)    .  Which countries are joined by the Palk Strait?
a)        North and South Korea  
b)        Pakistan and China
c)        Britain and France
d)        India and Sri Lanka
118)    .  Which countries lie on either side of the Radcliffe line?
a)        India and Pakistan
b)        Nepal and India
c)        India and Afghan
d)        India and Bangladesh
119)    .  The homeland of the Yakuts is
a)        Russian tundra
b)        Asiatic tundra
c)        North India
d)        Iran
120)    .  Which one is wrongly matched?
a)        Pygmies-Zaire Basin
b)        Kikuyu-Kenya
c)        Vedds-Nepal
d)        Papuans-New Guinea
Important GK Questions from Science (Physics)     for SSC/FCI
121)    .  The most basic of all test instruments is the___________.
a)        Multimeter
b)        Ohm meter
c)        Cathode ray oscilloscope
d)        Galvanometer
122)    .  The angle of inclination of north magnetic pole is ________.
a)        0o
b)        90o
c)        45o    
d)        180o  
123)    .  Which among the following are electro-magnetic waves?
a)        X-rays    
b)        Beta rays
c)        Audible rays
d)        Alpha rays
124)    .  When green and red colours are mixed the colour of this mixture will be ________.
a)        Yellow    
b)        Peacock
c)        Violet
d)        Black
125)    .  Which among the following metal is ductile?
a)        Gold   
b)        Silver
c)        Tungsten
d)        Copper
126)    .  The velocity of light in diamond, glass and water decreases in the following order ________.
a)        Water > Glass > Diamond
b)        Diamond > Glass > Water
c)        Diamond > Water > Glass
d)        Water > Diamond > Glass
127)    .  Which among the following is a complementary colour?
a)        Blue   
b)        Yellow
c)        Magenta
d)        Yellow and Magenta
128)    .  An air bubble in water acts as which among the following ___________.
a)        Objective lens
b)        Plane mirror
c)        Convex lens
d)        prism
129)    .  The speed of light in air is maximum for __________.
a)        Red
b)        Violet
c)        Blue    
d)        Equal for all the colours
130)    .  Which among the following quantity is not represented by a correct unit.
a)        Stress / Strain – newton/m2
b)        Surface tension – newton/m
c)        Energy – kg – m/s2
d)        Pressure – newton/m2
Important GK Questions from Indian Constitution and Polity SSC CHSL/FCI
131)    .  The Constituent Assembly took decision on various provisions of the Constitution
a)        By a majority vote
b)        By a two – third majority
c)        By consensus
d)        Unanimously
132)    .  Having an elected President as the head of the Parliamentary system is a feature that India’s Constitution borrowed from
a)        Ireland
b)        USA
c)        Canada   
d)        No where   
133)    .  Which one of the following LokSabha was dissolved before the expiry of its normal term and mid-term elections ordered?
a)        First
b)        Third
c)        Fourth
d)        Seventh
134)    .  The detailed provisions regarding acquisition and determination of Indian citizenship are contained on ___________.
a)        Part II of Constitution    
b)        Part VII of the Constitution
c)        Citizenship Act, 1955
d)        Part IV of the Constitution
135)    .  The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India was created ___________.
a)        Through a Cabinet Resolution   
b)        By the Constitution
c)        Through an Act of the Parliament
d)        None of the above
136)    .  Preventive dentention restricts
a)        Right to freedom
b)        Right to Constitutional remedies
c)        Cultural and educational rights
d)        All the above
137)    .  Which of the following articles specifically guarantees freedom of the Press?
a)        16   
b)        19
c)        22
d)        19(1)    (a)   
138)    .  Which of the following Chief Justices of India has acted as President of India?
a)        M.Hidayatullah
b)        M.     A.     Beg
c)        P.     B.     Gajendragadkar
d)        None of these
139)    .  Which part of the constitution contains provision for Panchayats?
a)        Part VI
b)        Part VII
c)        Part IX    
d)        Part X
140)    .  Conditions for becoming an Indian citizen do NOT include:
a)        Domicile in India    
b)        Applying for registration as a citizen
c)        Acquiring property in India
d)        Descent
Important GK Questions from Geography for SSC/FCI
141)    .  Lapps inhabit
a)        European tundra
b)        Russian tundra
c)        Asiatic tundra
d)        South American grasslands
142)    .  Which countries are separated by the Durand Line?
a)        India and Sri Lanka
b)        India and Pakistan
c)         India and Afghanistan
d)         India and China
143)    .  Which region is most famous for citrus fruits?
a)        Deserts
b)        Mediterranean regions
c)        Temperate grasslands
d)        Monsoon regions
144)    .  The most important crop of the temperate grassland is
a)         Sugarcane  
b)        Citrus fruit
c)        Cereals
d)        Date
145)    .  Which country is the leading producer of Uranium?
a)          India
b)        Japan
c)        Russia
d)        Canada
146)    .  Which area is important for soft wood forests?
a)        Cold and temperate regions
b)        Tundra regions
c)        Monsoon regions
d)        Mid-latitude deserts
147)    .  The leading producers of rock phosphate are
a)        Canada and Russia
b)        India and Japan
c)        USA and Russia
d)        France and Russia
148)    .  The largest producer of mercury is
a)        France
b)        Russia
c)        Spain
d)        China
149)    .  Which one of the following is the smallest state of India?
a)        Tripura
b)        Meghalaya
c)        Sikkim
d)        Nagaland
150)    .  Which country is known as the sugar bowl of the world?
a)        Cuba
b)        Russia
c)        India
d)        China
Important GK Questions from Science (Chemistry)     for SSC/FCI

115)    .  Alcohols on reacting with Metallic Sodium liberate…….
a)        oxygen
b)        hydrogen
c)        carbon dioxide
d)        carbon monoxide

152)    .  Each member in a homologous series differs by……..
a)        functional group
b)        methyl
c)         methylene  
d)         All the above
153)    .  The chemical properties of members of homologous series are……..
a)         different  
b)        similar
c)        unpredictable
d)        depends upon the process
154)    .  The IUPAC name of CHз-CH=CH-CHз is ….
a)        propene   
b)        -butene
c)        2-butene
d)        pentene
155)    .  The enzyme that converts sucrose to glucose and fructose is……..
a)        maltase
b)        zymase
c)        invertase
d)        amylase
156)    .       The enzyme that converts C₆ H₁₂O₆ to C₂H₅OH is…….
a)        maltase
b)        zymase
c)        invertase
d)        amylase
157)    .       Ketones exhibit functional isomerism with
a)        alcohols
b)        ethers
c)        aldehydes
d)        alkanes

158)    .  Common name of CH₃-CH₂-CH₂-CHO is
a)        n-butyl alcohol
b)        butanol
c)        butyraldehyde
d)        butanal
159)    .  The fermented liquid wash contains………..% alcohol.
a)        80-90
b)        18-25
c)         15-18
d)        40-60
160)    .  The percentage of Sucrose in molasses after crystallization of sugar is….
a)        40
b)        70
c)        30
d)        80
Important GK Questions from Science (Biology)     for SSC/FCI
161)    .  White neurons are……..
a)        myelinated
b)        non-medullated
c)        non-myelinated
d)        polyhedral in shape
162)    .  Rods and cones of retiria are made up of…….
a)        bipolar neurons
b)        unipolar neurons
c)         xenons  
d)        photons
163)    .  Point of contact between the neighbouring nerve cells is called…..
a)        synapse
b)        menopause
c)        pause
d)        pass
164)    .  Central information processing organ…….
a)        eye   
b)        brain
c)        ear
d)        heart
165)    .  Human brain is divided into……..
a)        Fore brain, Mid brain and Hind brain
b)        Hind brain, Mid brain and Fore brain
c)        Mid brain, Hind brain and Fore brain
d)        Fore brain, Hind brain and Mid brain
166)    .  Fore brain consists of………..
a)        Cerebrum, cerebellum and thalamus
b)        Cerebrum, thalamus and cerebellum
c)        Cerebrum, thalamus and hypothalamus
d)        Cerebrum, hypothalamus and cerebrum
167)    .  Cerebral cortex contains………..Pick out the odd one.
a)        Motor areas
b)        Sensory areas
c)        Association areas
d)        Specific areas
168)    .  The……....is located between the thalamus and the hind brain.
a)        hypothalamus
b)        Mid brain
c)        Pons
d)        Medulla oblongata
169)    .  Mid brain with the hind brain together form the………
a)        stem
b)        brain stem
c)        stem cell
d)        thick stem
170)    .       …………contain sleep centre and respiratory centre.
a)        Pons
b)        Medulla oblongata
c)        Spinal cord
d)        Endocrine gland
Important GK Question from Economics and Commerce for SSC CHSL/FCI
171)    .  The Modern State is________.
a)        Laissez-faire State
b)        Aristocratic State
c)        Welfare State
d)        Police State
172)    .  ’Economic planning’ refers to________.
a)        The mobilization of taxes
b)        The allocation of resources
c)         The planning of manpower  
d)         The mobilization of both taxes and manpower
173)    .  Economic planning is an essential feature of_________.
a)        Mixed economy   
b)        Dual economy
c)        Socialist economy
d)        Capitalist economy

174)    .  In the States of India, the State Financial Corporations have given assistance
Mainly to develop_________.
a)        Agricultural farms   
b)        Cottage industry
c)        Large-scale industries
d)        Medium and small-scale industries
175)    .  A major shift in the 9th Five-Year Plan from its preceding ones was__________.
a)        People’s involvement via local bodies in the development process  
b)        Major investment in agriculture with a view to promote exports
c)        The concentration of public investment in infrastructural sectors
d)        Major investment in sectors in which industrial sickness has been a chronic problem
176)    .  Which of the following provides the largest part of the demand for loanable funds in India?
a)        Hire-purchase borrowers
b)        Private house purchasers
c)        Corporate businesses
d)        Farmers
177)    .  The main arguments advanced in favour of small-scale and cottage industries in India is that__________.
a)        These generate a large volume of employment  
b)        These require comparatively small capital investment
c)        These advance the goal of equitable distribution of income
d)        Cost of production is low
178)    .  All of the following are subsidiaries of the State Bank of India, EXCEPT
a)        Central Bank of India
b)        State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
c)        State Bank of Hyderabad
d)        State Bank of Patiala

179)    .  Which of the following deductions should not be made from the total revenue of a firm for arriving at its profit for a year?
a)        Depreciation of capital
b)        Dividends paid to ordinary shareholders
c)        Excess of the value of stocks over their purchase  
d)        Imputed interest on owner’s capital left in the business
180)    .  Which of the following is not a characteristic of Indian agriculture?
a)        Over-dependence on nature
b)        Low level of productivity
c)        Multiplicity of crops
d)        Predominance of large farms
Important GK Questions from Indian History for SSC/FCI
181)    .  Which of the following book describes the revolt of Chandragupta Maurya with the help of Kautilya against the Nanda King?
a)        Megasthenes ‘India’
b)        Kautilya’s  ‘Arthashastra’
c)        Panini’s ‘Ashtadhyayi’
d)        Vishakadatta’s  ‘Mudrarakshasa’
182)    .  What did the term ‘Vishti’ stands for during the Mauryan period?
a)        Paid labour
b)        Forced labour
c)        Bonded labour  
d)        Part-time labour
183)    .  Name the Persian who was appointed by Ashoka to administer the western the province?
a)        Pliny   
b)        Tusapa
c)        Jaluka
d)        Plutarch
184)    .  Which one of the following literacy works refers to a famine in Magadha lasting for 12 years?
a)        ParisistaParvan   
b)        Mahavamsa
c)        Divyavadana
d)        Vamsattipakasini
185)    .  According to Megasthenes the Indian society was divided into seven classes.     On what consideration does the division appear to have been based?
a)        Political  
b)        Social
c)        Economic
d)        Religious
186)    .  The latest inscriptions of Ashoka were discovered from
a)        Kalinga Edict
b)        Bhabru Edict
c)        Delhi-Topara pillar Inscription
d)        Sannatai Inscription
187)    .  Name the Jain Text which describes that Chandragupta embraced Jainism towards the end of his life is
a)        Jayadhavala
b)        Ratnamalika
c)        Parisistaparvana
d)        Dravya-Samghra
188)    .  Which one of the following is the only Ashoka’s inscription which makes a clear reference to taxation?
a)        Rummindei pillar Inscription
b)        Minor Rock Edict
c)        Major Rock Edict ⅫⅠ
d)        Major Rock Edict
189)    .  The last Mauryan ruler was over thrown by
a)        Agnimitra
b)        Kharavela
c)        Pushyamitra
d)        DhanaNarmadha
190)    .  Which among the following is India’s oldest dynasty?
a)        Maura
b)        Gupta
c)        Vardhana
d)        Kushana
Important GK Questions from Science (Physics)     for SSC/FCI

191)    .  The acceleration in a body is due to……….
a)        Balanced force
b)        Unbalanced force
c)        Electro static force
d)        Electro Magnetic Force
192)    .  The physical quantity which is equal to the of rate of change of momentum is
a)        displacement
b)        acceleration
c)        force   
d)        impulse  
193)    .  The momentum of a massive object at rest is…….
a)        Very large   
b)        Very small
c)        zero
d)        infinity
194)    .  The weight of a person is 50 kg.     The weight of that person on the surface of the earth will be………….
a)        50 N   
b)        35 N
c)        380 N
d)        490 N
195)    .  The freezing of biotechnology products like vaccines require……....freezing system
a)        Helium
b)        Nitrogen
c)        Ammonia
d)        Chlorine
196)    .  The potential difference required to pass a current 0.2 A in a wire of resistance 20 ohm is…….
a)        100 V
b)        4 V
c)        0.01 V
d)        40 V
197)    .  Two electric bulbs have resistances in the ratio 1: 2.     If they are joined in series, the energy consumed in these are in the ratio…..
a)        1:2   
b)        2:1
c)        4:1
d)        1:1
198)    .  Kilowatt-hour is the unit of…………..
a)        Potential difference
b)        Electric power
c)        Electric energy
d)        charge
199)    ………..surface absorbs more heat than any other surface under identical conditions.
a)        White
b)        Rough
c)        Black   
d)        Yellow
200)    .  The atomic number of natural radioactive element is…………
a)        Greater than 82
b)        Less than 82
c)        Not defined

d)        At least 92

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