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Poonia4India : Practice English Questions and Answer for SSC/FCI Exam Set-4

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The list of practice English questions and answer for FCI, SSC CHSL and SSC CGL Mains Exams were given here, Candidates those who are all preparing for the examination can use this practice questions.

Directions (1-10): In this Questions, find the closest meaning from the given alternatives.
1).To scatter liquid
a)    Waste
b)    Drink
c)    Sprinkle
d)    Squeeze

2).To offer marriage
a)    To agree
b)    To urge
c)    To request
d)    To propose  

3).Any grain used as food
a)    Cereal
b)    Spice
c)    Pastry
d)    Poultry

4).To make or become smaller
a)    Seize   
b)    Dwindle
c)    Shrink
d)    Stoop

5).Another choice
a)    Tentative  
b)    Intuitive
c)    Alternative
d)    Instrusive

6).To throw
a)    Curl
b)    Swirl
c)    Furl
d)    Hurl

a)    Serene  
b)    Silent
c)    Severe
d)    Serious

a)    Significant
b)    Meditative
c)    Serious
d)    Eventful

a)    Sterile
b)    Unyielding
c)     Obstinate  
d)    Stern

a)    Credible
b)    Credentials
c)    Creche
d)    Incredible


1). c) 2). d) 3). a) 4). b) 5).c ) 6). d) 7). a) 8). b) 9). c) 10). d)
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