How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter
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How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter

A hashtag? is composed of keywords and the ?#? symbol which will mark different topics in a tweet and bring them all together in one thread.

These are useful in categorizing discussions and helping Twitter users find conversations that they are truly interested in. If you plan to come up with an effective hashtag, you have to understand the basic guidelines. Dedication is important in making a hashtag popular and well-received; so with relevance to the general public. The hashtags may be present in any part of the tweet so long as it is preceded by the # sign. Read about the do's and don't's of hashtags. To get your hashtag trending on the website, think of a topic that you like then start with the following. For inspiration, you can see what's trending on Twitter right now.

Creating A Hashtag That Makes The Trending List

1. Choose the right topic.

To make a topic start trending, think of the best subject you can talk about in detail and consistently. Simply use the ?#? symbol before the keywords. When coming up with a topic, think up words that are very easy to remember and understand -- words that are self-explanatory. These should guide online users and immediately let them know what the conversation is about. Capitalize the first letter of words when using more than one keyword to provide the distinction, but avoid using too many words in one hashtag. Also provide a short and clear description of the hashtag to lure the right Twitter fans. To establish your hashtag, check first if it existing; if not define it to set the standard before you use it. This is a good place to provide a definition for your hashtag.

2. Start tweeting.

As soon as you have created the hashtag, provide a number of tweets to jumpstart the conversation. Post a tweet on your account that talks about a relevant aspect of your would-be trending hashtag and then indicate the hashtag at the beginning, middle or end of the tweet. Post a few times each day and invite others to retweet your post. Tag other people to start gaining more popularity and see how quickly the hashtag can develop. You can invite others by sending direct messages and email. Your relationship with your followers will matter as they will be the ones who will be the first to spread your hashtag.

3. Look for the right parties.

Only choose groups and individuals who relate well with your topic. You can tag and invite agencies and groups to bring in more followers. You get to save time and effort by addressing only those who are truly interested in the hashtag and can share relevant content and information. You can also use other social media networks to invite more people and companies to join the hashtag. For a more structured approach or if you want to discuss a specific topic at a certain time, you may want to start a tweet chat.

4. Provide updates.

The hashtag will trend well if you constantly provide new updates and relevant information that cannot be found elsewhere on Twitter. Talk about major events and activities that are happening now or strike a chord with the majority. Also, be specific in the information you provide by targeting people in a certain country or locality. Tweet frequently but keep the content rich and unique or else you might be regarded as a spammer. Responses should also be timely.

5. Have a personal approach.

The tweets and information on the hashtag should also give the impression that you are a real human being. You will seem more friendly and approachable to potential followers if you provide fun tweets. Aside from being informative, show some emotion in the tweets. Occasionally, you can post more casual information and tweets provided that these still relate to the main topic in a number of ways. Ask relevant questions and be quick to answer queries and concerns. Overall, getting a hashtag to trend not only lies on your ability to create a catchy and relatable hashtag, but also on your marketing skills and ability to attract other users to take part in your activity. With the millions of users on Twitter, it can be a challenge to build a hashtag that will trend not just in your state, or country, but worldwide. However, if you set up a hashtag that many find value in, then brace yourself for a wave of tweets you must engage with to stay on top.


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